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The establishment of the
Palestine Authority Post

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Undercover (clandestine) mail contacts
between Israel and Arab states

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The Rural Postal Agencies in the West Bank
During the Jordanian Period 1960-1967

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We are specializing in Israel/Palestine modern philately and postal history 1948-2010

Our main collecting, studies and writtings, are about the followng topics :

A-1 1948-1967 postmarks on covers and forms , from the West Bank of Jordan .also Reg.labels . Most exclusive .
A-2 - "- ditto 1967-1994 Israeli Milit. postal adm. (Zah"al) in 1967 hold Territories . Covers, forms ,Reg. labels
A-3 -"- ditto 1994-2005 New postal system: Palestine Authority . covers Exclusive Included are transition period items !
A-4 1967-1994 fiscal historical review of Israel Military government ( ID"F , ZAH"AL)
activity in West Bank (Judea @ Samaria), Gaza Strip, Sinai etc.
on DOCUMENTS : i.e. Exit and entrance permits, certif. w. Bridges @ Border
cachets and customs. FORMS @ licenses w.Sheiqh and Mukhtars seals, vehicles Suerty Bonds,
trade , Birth/death cerif. Court rules, Family reunion requests, letters to Governors etc. etc.
ALL tied w. diff.ID"F , Zaha"al fiscals and " Agra" Revenues. Also milit.
gov't various districts H.Q. cachets of most areas.
Great presentation of closed period !

Isr. Definitive stamps varieties ( paper,gum ,phosphor etc.) Fiscals/revenues (Israel @ Military) , JNF ,Postal Money orders, Undercover (clandestine) mail 1970-1980., Isr. Ta'arifs on commercial cvs, computerized Reg and regular. Machine vended stamps all types - mint and covers . SHUKAF (X-rayed ) cachets and more (ask)

We are interested in exchange of information and knowledge about the above subjects.
View our book: "The postal history of the West Bank of Jordan 1948-1967 "

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